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Bucks for Trucks

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Dealers Earn Buck$ for Each Unit Shipped!

We appreciate your business, and we want to show our thanks with a special Reading BUCK$ Visa.

Register for the Program

To register for the program, please complete the following form. Once you’re registered you’ll receive an email confirming your participation in the program.

Receive Your Card

When your initial Reading order ships, you’ll automatically receive your reloadable Reading BUCK$ Visa at the address you enter below.

Your Rewards Reload Automatically

Once you have your card, you’ll receive a new credit every time you order a unit. Buck$ will be paid after the completed unit ships. You only have to register once, and then the rewards will automatically reload onto your card with every shipment.

Instructions: Complete the form below to register for your reloadable BUCK$ Via.

Note: This section is for Dealer participating in the “Buck$ for Trucks” program ONLY

Register Here