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Galvanneal vs. Galvanized Service Bodies

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Mechanic trucks are continuously exposed to the elements — and that makes rust protection a top priority. Corrosion can spread quickly, eating away at the paint and eventually the body. Steel service bodies typically require galvanization, which is the process of applying a thin coating of zinc to the base metal to prevent rust formation and prolong the lifespan of the product. Another option is to use a variation of galvanized steel known as galvanneal.

Galvanneal vs. Galvanized Steel: What’s the Difference?

Both galvanneal and galvanized steel undergo a hot dip zinc coating process designed to provide enhanced service body rust protection. However, galvannealed steel features an additional step called “annealing,” which is a heat treatment technique that promotes diffusion alloying between the steel surface and the molten zinc coating.

While this procedure improves formability and paint adhesion, it produces a duller matte finish than galvanization. A galvannealed finish is generally recommended for parts that will undergo painting or powder-coating, which often applies to truck service bodies.

A60 vs. A40 Coating

Galvannealed steel is also available in two different coating weights: A40 and A60. The number after the “A” refers to the thickness of the coating. A60 exhibits a thickness of approximately 0.0005 inches, which is far greater than that of A40. Thus, A60 is the better choice for achieving maximum service body rust protection.

Triple Protection From Reading Truck Body Provides Superior Rust Prevention for Trucks

If you want a service body that provides maximum protection against rust, you’ve come to the right place. Reading Truck Body is pleased to offer solid steel bodies featuring our revolutionary Triple Protection finish. The body consists of two-sided A60 galvannealed steel coated with phosphate, an acrylic e-coat primer and a polyester powder coat finish on each side. The result is the most durable corrosion-resistant finish on the market.

The benefits of our Triple Protection coating include:

Get the Benefit of More Than 60 Years of Service Body Manufacturing Expertise

Reading Truck Body has been providing reliable, cost-effective truck equipment solutions since 1955. We’ve grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of truck equipment products in the United States. We proudly serve the needs of companies in industries such as HVAC, utilities, oil and gas, telecommunications, landscaping and nursery, and construction. Our high-quality service bodies also come with comprehensive warranties for your protection and peace of mind.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Service Body Rust Protection Solutions

Reading Truck Body has an extensive distributor network that’s ready to assist you. To find a location near you, please click here. You can also contact us online to learn more about rust protection for trucks.

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