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Open vs. Enclosed Service Bodies

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When you’re searching for truck bodies, you’ll find that your many options boil down to two huge categories: open vs. enclosed truck bodies. But which do you need for your work? There are many benefits of open truck beds and benefits of enclosed truck beds. You just need to identify which is the better fit for your truck and for the work you do. To help you make the best decisions, here’s a look at all you need to know about open vs. enclosed truck bodies.

The Difference Between Service and Utility Bodies

Before we get too far, it’s important for you to understand the difference between service bodies and utility bodies. It’s likely that you’ll encounter this terminology, so it’s important that you be able to discern between the two.

Service bodies are essentially open truck bodies. Service bodies sit on the back of a truck and create an open cargo area, those there’s no enclosure — no space, that is, that the driver of the vehicle can actually enter into. Utility bodies are just the opposite. They do have a fully enclosed compartment that the driver could physically enter if needed.

But which is right for you? There are two key questions to answer in helping you make that decision.

What Are You Carrying?

In some cases, you’ll be carrying equipment and tools that you want to keep enclosed for weather-related reasons. That is, if you have equipment for installation that includes electrical components, you wouldn’t want that equipment to get rained on. In these cases, you’ll need a utility body rather than just a service body.

But sometimes you will need to carry oversized equipment that may not fully fit into a service body. For example, you may need to carry piping or an extra-long ladder. In these cases, it’s good to have a service body that allows for this equipment to slightly hang over the edge of the body. This is one of the chief benefits of open truck beds, as well as the fact that open bodies tend to be less expensive.

Where Do You Work?

You’ll also want to consider where you work. If you’re in an area where crime is possible and you need to leave your truck unattended for long periods of time, it may be best to opt for the enclosed utility body. This allows you to fully lock up while you’re away from your truck, protecting everything that’s inside.

An open truck body may have lockable storage spaces, but it definitely leaves your belongings more vulnerable. But if you typically stay close to your truck and have no concern about the possibility of theft in the area where you conduct your work, it’s okay to opt for an open service body.

Find Both Options at Reading Truck Body

At Reading Truck Body, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of service and utility body solutions. Whether you are interested in accessing the benefits of open truck beds or you prefer the benefits of enclosed truck beds, we have the solutions you need. Browse our selection of truck body options and find what you need today.

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