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Your service truck is filled with valuable equipment that you rely on every day at your job site. It’s important to make sure that this equipment stays secure from adverse weather and water damage as well as damage due to falling out.

Reading Truck Body analyzes industry needs and provides solutions for service body parts so service truck operators can equip their vehicles with the latest technology. Quality service body latches were a need among our customers, so we developed SmartLatch technology to improve the ordinary service truck door latch. With this system installed on your service truck, you will have peace of mind that your tools will remain secure throughout the day.

See why SmartLatch technology is a must-have for your vehicles, and order your service body parts from Reading Truck Body today.

Components of the SmartLatch

The SmartLatch looks like a paddle latch and is made of stainless steel. There is a heavy gasket behind the latch assembly and an isolating o-ring behind the lock mechanism. Its unique feature is the built-in SmartLatch indicator in the opening mechanism.

On the inside of the door is the mechanisms and parts necessary for the operation of the SmartLatch technology. The mechanisms have a low profile on the door and are covered by a service panel, yet not encapsulated in a plastic cover.

Why Install a SmartLatch on Your Service Truck?

The SmartLatch indicator makes it easy to see if your door is closed correctly. When your door is shut tight, the latch is flush against the vehicle. If it is open, the SmartLatch sticks out. You can ensure that your doors are closed standing next to the vehicle or from the cab, as the SmartLatch is visible in the side view mirrors.

The inner-workings of the SmartLatch protect against water from a wash-down or heavy rain. The isolating o-ring helps control high-pressure blow in, and the heavy gasket behind the latch assembly prevents water intrusion. This keeps the equipment inside the compartment safe from water damage.

We designed the inside latch mechanisms to have a low profile so it won’t take up too much room inside the compartment. We also left the parts exposed for easy maintenance. Remove the service panel so you can lubricate the system for optimal performance.

For further confidence in your SmartLatch technology, we offer a six-year warranty for the SmartLatch and a lifetime warranty for the key cylinders. If you already have the Latch-Matic Smart-Shield system in your service vehicle, add the SmartLatch component for all-around protection.

Order SmartLatch Technology Components at Reading Truck Body Today

For all of your service truck body needs, shop Reading Truck Body. For 60 years, we have refined truck bodies and related parts to perform their best, so you can perform your job with confidence.

Get a service truck door latch that promotes security and peace of mind. Order our SmartLatch service body latches today, and browse the rest of our service body selection. If you are ready to upgrade your service body parts for your fleet, locate a dealer nearby with the interactive map on our website.

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