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The New Standard for Enclosed Truck Bodies: RVSL for Transit

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Many service professionals need a quality steel enclosed truck body to get their work done successfully. But not all enclosed truck bodies are created equal, and many leave truck owners wanting just a little bit more. But there’s good news on this front: There’s now a new steel enclosed truck body that lets service pros maximize the benefits of enclosed bodies.

It’s called the RVSL for Transit, and it’s available right now. Here’s a look at the features and options you enjoy when you choose the RVSL for Transit, as well as what makes it the new leader among the best enclosed bodies.

The Features You Need

There are plenty of reasons why the RVSL for Transit is your best bet for an enclosed truck body. For starters, it is up to 700 pounds lighter than the competition’s truck bodies — and you lose nothing in function or durability with that weight loss. When you choose the RVSL for Transit, you enjoy a lighter, more fuel-efficient load and you also get the toughness and performance you need.

The RVSL for Transit also features diamond-plate flooring for maximum grip and slip resistance. The actual body itself is made from A60 Galvannealed Steel, which means the truck body is always fighting corrosion.

It’s hard to find this range of benefits and features in other steel enclosed truck body options. And, beyond what’s mentioned above, you also get interior lighting, heavy-duty compartment doors, cab access, adjustable shelving and much more when you choose the RVSL for Transit from among other enclosed bodies.

Options That Help You Customize

Not all service professionals have the same exact needs, which is why options are so welcome when choosing a steel enclosed truck body. The RVSL for Transit comes with a range of optional add-ons that you can choose to incorporate into your design if needed. Add compartment lighting, an aluminum ladder rack or an access ladder, plus much more when you choose the RVSL for Transit. You’ll find that the standard features and customizable options the Steelhawk offers make it the best product when you want to maximize the benefits of enclosed bodies.

Find the RVSL for Transit at Reading Truck

Choose from between two different versions — the RVSL 57 or the RVSL 72. The major difference between the two is their inside heights. The RVSL 57 features a 57-inch interior height, while the RVSL 72 includes a 72-inch inside height. You can find both at Reading Truck Body, your source for the best enclosed bodies on the market.

Established in 1955, Reading Truck has a long history of serving professionals who need reliable service and utility truck bodies to get their work done and to get it done successfully. We choose to offer nothing but the best steel enclosed truck body options and other products, and we’re also committed to delivering the best in customer support and service. When your work depends on having a tough and functional truck body that shows up and works hard each and every day, just like you do, make sure you get your service body at Reading Truck.

Take a closer look at the RVSL for Transit today.

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