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Best Trucks for Highway Driving

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Work trucks are used for doing business. And your business thrives on making more money than you spend on expenses. And fuel can be one of your serious expenses, whether you work locally or travel around a state or region. But what are the best fuel-efficient service trucks? And how do truck bodies affect fuel efficiency?

Here’s a look at the fuel efficiency you can expect from some of the best work trucks for highway driving, as well as a rundown of your service and utility body options — and how they too can affect fuel efficiency.

Raw Fuel Efficiency for Popular Trucks

Fuel efficiency is a funny thing. It’s partly about what type of vehicle you choose, but it’s mostly about how you drive that vehicle. If you like to drive fast and you’re constantly starting and stopping in neighborhoods, you’ll find that you get at the low end of the efficiency spectrum. But, if you drive the speed limit and you’re often on highways driving long distances, you’ll get closer to the high end of the efficiency spectrum.

Consumer Reports and other publications and organizations test and track different types of vehicles to identify the best work truck for highway driving. Here’s a look at some of the most popular models, along with the miles per gallon you can reasonably expect from them:

As you can see, these trucks all provide a pretty similar miles-per-gallon figure. But you haven’t included a service or utility body yet, which can greatly affect that number.

What About Truck Bodies? Steel vs. Aluminum

Truck bodies fall into two main material categories. You’ll find steel truck bodies as well as aluminum truck body options. Of course, steel is going to be a little bit tougher and more durable. But it’s an aluminum truck body that will boost fuel efficiency and help you save money. It’s all about the weight, and you’ll find products that weigh a lot less when you browse through aluminum options.

Some work truck owners can get by with an aluminum truck body. But, for others, it’s important to have the most durable truck body possible, even at the expense of fuel efficiency. In these cases, steel truck bodies will be the best option.

Reading Truck Body: Your Source for Fuel-Efficient Equipment

At Reading Truck Body, you’ll find everything you need to outfit a work truck for your business. We offer a wide range of truck body options, both steel and aluminum. And you can always count on products that meet the highest quality standards when you choose us as your provider. In addition to quality products, you’ll find that we also offer outstanding customer service. That is, we do everything we can to ensure you can find and secure the best equipment needed for your truck and your work.

Browse our selection of truck bodies, and find an option that helps increase your fuel efficiency.

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