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Just like with any piece of equipment your business owns, a truck and its service body are important investments that need to be properly maintained. When you take time out of your schedule to care for and maintain your truck and service body, you increase the potential return you enjoy on your investment. But what does maintaining your service body look like in practice? Here’s a rundown of several ways you can provide service body maintenance while extending the life of a work truck.

Start With a Quality Product

The best way to get a return on your investment is to start with a quality product. You can always find bargain-basement trucks and service bodies, but those pieces of equipment aren’t going to last you nearly as long as higher-quality options that may cost just a little bit more. In short, you can get a much longer lifespan and much more value out of investing in a quality truck and service body over the lowest price.

Regular Maintenance Check-Ups

Your work truck maintenance checklist should always start with regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. Prevention is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs and replacement costs. Find a mechanic you can trust and who knows how to work on work trucks, and get on a regular schedule for maintenance.

Consistent Cleanups

When it comes to your service body maintenance, make sure you’re keeping the space as clean as possible. This is particularly important for enclosed service bodies. Get on a regular schedule, perhaps weekly, of spending time taking out things that don’t need to be in your truck body, cleaning up spills and looking for other areas that need specialized attention.

Fix Chips and Dents Immediately

During the course of your work, it’s only natural to experience chips, dents and scratches. The longer you take to address these minor blemishes, the more likely they are to become more serious issues that require more expensive repair work. And, if you choose not to address chips, dents and scratches at all, your service body will eventually look so ragged and unprofessional that you’ll need to replace it altogether.

Invest in the Organizational Tools You Need

One often-overlooked tactic for extending the life of a work truck is choosing the right organization tools. When you have everything in your work truck and service body organized and put in its own place, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner and problem-free your truck and body will be. The great news is that organizational tools for truck bodies are relatively inexpensive when compared with the value they deliver. So find a good organization solution that meets your needs, and enjoy this easy path toward maintaining your service body.

Store Your Truck in the Right Spot

This can’t be overemphasized: Store your service truck in a safe place where it’s as sheltered and climate-controlled as possible. The best place to store a truck is inside a garage. If left outside, pollutants, sunlight, wind, rain and other elements will begin to wear down your truck’s service body. By keeping it inside, you’ll be extending the life of a work truck and the service body you use.

Get What You Need at Reading Truck Body

Reading Truck Body offers a wide range of service body options as well as accessories you can use for service body maintenance. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your work truck and truck body when you choose products from Reading Truck Body. Browse our selection of work truck products and accessories today.

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