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When the tailgate of your service truck is up, it becomes a barrier to hold the truckbed cargo in place. When the tailgate is down, it becomes an extra step into the bed or a bench during the lunch break. Whatever position it’s in, your truck body tailgate needs to last for years. The tailgate technology at Reading Truck Body is built to keep up with job tasks for a tailgate unlike any other.

Read more about our tailgates and purchase our systems for your fleet today.

The Service Body Tailgate at Reading Truck Body

The Reading Truck Body tailgate might look like any other at first glance. Its careful design and various components are what make this tailgate stand out as a top choice for service trucks.

Our tailgate stands at 14 inches tall, constructed from two-sided 14 gauge A60 coated weight steel. This material has an E-coat primer and powder coat finish. The tailgate closes and opens with stainless steel knee brace hardware that is attached to a 10 gauge endplate on both the curb and street sides. When the tailgate is open, it is flush with the floor plate. Its interior face has our patented diamond press pattern.

The Benefits of Reading Tailgate Technology

Every element of our truck body tailgate is built with durability and safety in mind. When you install the Reading Truck Body tailgate in your fleet, you’ll see why it’s unlike any other.

The 14-inch height of our door is three inches higher than the competition. This additional height matters for security for equipment and workers. It allows for better cargo confinement during a load shift, and better fits the length of a workboot. That makes it easy to use as a step for even larger shoe sizes.

When used as a step into the cargo bed, the diamond pattern on the back of the tailgate keeps the boot sole elevated and disperses moisture for safety. Wherever you place weight on the tailgate, the hardware component ensures structural rigidity over its lifetime.

We designed our service body tailgate to be flush with the floor plate to eliminate all snag points. When loading cargo or climbing into the bed, there won’t be a space for things to catch on. We also used the two-step coatings for optimal protection on every edge, even the ones that get the most abuse.

Purchase Your Truck Body Tailgate at Reading Truck Body Today

We know that you work hard at your job, so we want to provide a truck body that will work hard for you. For 60 years, Reading Truck Body has perfected service truck bodies to be the best in the industry. With our durable steel and aluminum truck bodies, there really is “no body better.”

Browse our service body selection and order the parts you need today. To locate a dealer near you, use the map feature on our website. We look forward to seeing how your Reading tailgate technology products will benefit your work vehicle.

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