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Retractable Utility Bed Cover

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Your cargo bed is the place where you store the necessary equipment and tools you need for your job. When you travel to and spend time at your job site, you may not know what conditions you’ll run into that will affect the quality of your cargo.

Invest in a utility cover from Reading Truck Body today. Place an order for your whole fleet, and be sure to shop our other products as well for an all-around quality service vehicle.

Features of the Truck Bed Cover

Our retractable utility bed cover is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum slats that are powder coated in black. The front of the cover has a black twist knob. With the nylon pull strap, you can pull the cover down in 12-inch intervals. When it’s time to retract the cover, it will cycle back into its canister with help from the heavy-duty spring.

When the truck bed cover is in use, you will still be able to use the tailgate of your service vehicle. At the job site, you can open the tailgate and use it as your workbench. During travel, you can close the tailgate with the cover in place.

Reasons Why You Need the Reading Truck Body Utility Cover

The truck bed cover is a beneficial system for both you and your cargo. Once you have installed these covers in your entire fleet of service vehicles, you’ll wonder how you ever worked a day without them.

The aluminum slats of the cover have a black coated finish. This color coordinates with any truck color, eliminating the need to paint the cover to match.

When the cover is in use, you will be assured that it will stay secure. The knob on the front engages the locking rods. Just give it a twist when you want to retract the cover. Because the knob secures the cover, the cover will stay precisely where you want while traveling to your job site.

If you want to cover only part of the cargo bed, you can do that with our utility cover. The various locking intervals make it easy to stop at a specific location. That way, if you have a tall item in your cargo that prevents the cover from completely closing, you can still use it.

Shop Service Truck Bodies and More at Reading Truck Body Today

Since 1955, Reading Truck Body has served the construction industry with bodies for service and utility trucks. Because our quality products meet industry needs, we have become one of the largest truck equipment manufacturers in the country. Our customers around the United States trust our products because they know they are truly the best available. There is “no body better” than us.

Protect the equipment in your truck cargo bed by ordering utility covers from Reading Truck Body today. On our website, you can also browse our service body selection to upgrade your vehicle fleet. To find a dealer near you that sells Reading Truck Body products, use the map feature on our website.

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