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Standard Pickup Truck vs. Service Body

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If you run a business in an industry such as telecommunications, oil and gas, utilities or HVAC, you probably employ a team of field service technicians who require the use of mechanic trucks to perform their jobs. These techs must typically carry a variety of tools and equipment to and from the job sites and their vehicles. Consequently, you’ll have to decide whether a standard truck or service body will best meet their needs.

Should I Get a Service Body?

A standard pickup truck might work fine for workers who perform very basic tasks that require only a minimal amount of tools. But in most cases, field techs have more substantial material storage requirements. A truck with a service body helps to keep everything organized. A service body enables drivers to compartmentalize all the items they need on a daily basis, which saves time and eliminates hassles. It also provides more protection than when tossing tools in the open bed of a pickup!

Accessories Are Available That Provide an Economical Alternative to a Service Body

Suppose your company could benefit from installing service bodies on your trucks — but your budget doesn’t allow for the additional expense. You can choose from an assortment of accessories for pickups that enable you to get the functionality of a service body at a lower cost. Reading Truck Body offers a variety of high-quality accessories such as:

1. Toolboxes

We feature several tool and storage box options that provide extra space for tools and equipment. Boxes are available in numerous sizes and configurations.

2. Truck Caps

Caps provide a protective covering for your pickup truck beds that will safeguard your tools and equipment against theft and the elements. Choose from the following materials:

3. Ladder Racks

If your service techs use ladders, you’ll find a host of removable overhead, side mount and removable side mount racks that enable safe transport to and from the job site.

We’ll Help You Explore All Your Options

If you’re still not sure whether an accessorized standard truck or service body is the better choice for your company, Reading Truck Body can help. We’ve been providing reliable truck equipment guidance to companies like yours for more than 60 years. Feel free to touch base with a distributor in your area, or contact us online for additional product and pricing information.

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