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Heavy-Duty vs. Light-Duty Service Bodies

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Are you in the market for new mechanic trucks for your construction, landscaping, oil and gas, telecommunications or utility company? One of the most critical decisions you’ll need to make is whether a heavy or light-duty service body is right for your applications. Your choice will have a direct impact on your business in areas such as cost, operating expenses, performance, productivity and maintenance requirements. The following information will help you weigh the pros and cons of both options so you can make an informed purchasing decision for your business.

Light-Duty Service Truck Bodies

In general, a truck with a light-duty service body features a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 20,000 pounds or less. These bodies typically consist of lightweight materials such as aluminum, which reduces fuel consumption and protects against corrosion. They can also be less expensive than larger, heavier truck bodies. They’re ideal for applications such as general landscaping and construction that only require light hauling and do not need to accommodate heavy, bulky equipment. Because of the lesser demands placed on these vehicles, the bodies also may experience fewer mechanical issues.

One drawback of choosing a light-duty service body is that you may not be able to outfit them with specific add-ons, which can limit your performance options. For example, if you need to lift heavy objects, a lighter body probably won’t offer the strength and stability required to accommodate a crane. They also provide reduced payload and hauling capacities.

Heavy-Duty Service Truck Bodies

A heavy-duty service truck body is designed and built to meet the needs of more demanding applications. They typically feature solid steel construction and can handle weightier loads more easily than their light-duty counterparts. They’re also the better option if you need to install equipment such as cranes or perform tasks in challenging work environments. And if durability and longevity are your primary concerns, heavy-duty service truck bodies will provide the ideal long-term solution for your company.

One disadvantage of a heavy-duty service body is the additional weight, especially if you’re trying to minimize your company’s fuel expenses. Because they typically must perform in high-demand work environments, the bodies can take more of a beating and may require more frequent care and maintenance. A more substantial body can also impact the agility of the vehicle, making it more difficult to maneuver the truck at some job sites. And some heavy-duty service truck bodies may require a larger upfront investment of business capital.

Reading Truck Body Can Help You Make the Right Decision for Your Company

If you’re still not sure which truck body is the best choice for your business, Reading Truck Body can help. We’ve been manufacturing industry-best trucking equipment for more than 60 years — we have the experience and expertise to point you in the right direction.

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